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Why Take a Second Mortgage?

Second mortgage is a subsequent mortgage when another mortgage is already registered on the subject property. Second mortgage unlocks your equity without breaking the first mortgage.
Debt Consolidation: Lending Circle helps clients pay off all the debt in full using second mortgages. In some cases, it has freed up more than 50% of clients’ monthly cashflow. It also helps improve their credit score to obtain better financing options in future
Taxes: Falling behind on income tax or property taxes can jeopardize your existing mortgages & hurt you Credit. Second Mortgages turn equity into cash to pay any arrears.
Home Renovation: Renovating your home can increase your home value. Most people like to renovate before they decide to sell to obtain the maximum sale value. Second Mortgages provide quick cash to pay for renovations.
Other Reasons: Second mortgages are ideal for clients who want to start or expand their existing business, pay for their kids’ tuition, or help a friend or family member.

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Lower Interest Rate

Second mortgages have lower interest rates as compared to other types of credit card debt.


How Much Can You Borrow?

Second mortgage is based on the equity of your home, you could be eligible for 85%-90% of the value of your home.

Exit for the Second Mortgage...

Second Mortgages must always be arranged with exit plan in place. We negotiate the terms with each lender to ensure it meets client’s goals. We always plan ahead to qualify the client for consolidating existing First and second mortgages into a new institutional mortgage at the end of the term so they can continue on with long term financial success.

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