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What Is A Home Equity Loan

Home Equity products are financed by institutions and Private Lenders. Although, institutional products such as HELOC require qualifying based on income and credit. Products offered by Private lenders are instead qualified based on equity in the property.


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Why Take a Home Equity Loan?

Fixed Rate

A home equity loan has a fixed interest rate & is ideal to payoff debt items.

Lump Sum

Home equity loan is provided to you in one lump sum & funds can be used as needed by the borrower without restrictions.


Home equity loans can be arranged in a very short time to help pay for any unforeseen situations.

Turn Your Equity into Cash
With A Home Equity Loan For Any Of The Following Needs

  • Consolidate Debt
  • Renovate Your Home
  • Invest In Your Business
  • Pay Off A Consumer Proposal
  • Pay Mortgage Arrears
  • Purchase Investments
  • Pay for wedding expenses
  • Pay for education
  • Cover medical expenses
  • Pay CRA tax arrears
  • Pay property tax arrears
  • Take a family vacation
  • Purchase a car
  • Get out of high-interest loans
  • Invest In RRSP or RESP
  • Pay off payday loans
  • Pay Off Judgments, Garnishments
  • Cover your expenses
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