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Lending Circle is one of the primary sources of private capital for second mortgages. Our firm belief is that all Canadians should be able to access their hard earned equity regardless of their credit or income standing. Lending Circle has established itself as a leading mortgage brokerage for hard to place second mortgage deals for borrowers with bruised credit or insufficient income.

We have helped borrowers get second mortgages up to 80%-85% LTV to maximize their equity. Our minimum loan amount is $40,000 but Lending Circle is well recognized in the industry for arranging high amount second mortgages. Our direct access to immense private capital allows us to approve homeowners within hours & offer the most competitive terms.

Consolidate Debt with 2nd Mortgage


How does Second Mortgage help?


Debt Consolidation

Second Mortgages are key to debt consolidation for Canadian homeowners. In some cases, using the equity to eliminate debt has freed up more than 50% of clients’ monthly cashflow. It also helps improve their credit score to obtain better financing options in future


Home Renovation

Renovating your home can increase your home value. Most people like to renovate before they decide to sell to obtain the maximum sale value. Second Mortgages provide quick cash to pay for renovations.

Mortgage Arrears

Falling behind on mortgage payments can result in potential foreclosure or power of sale proceedings. It can add high cost to the mortgage balance. Second Mortgage is a fast way to get cash in hand to pay any mortgage arrears & keep first mortgage in good standing.

Catch-Up Funds

Unforeseen expenses? Second Mortgage can be arranged in a short time period to help catch up on expenses. With a Single Monthly Payment, it makes catching up seamless and affordable.


Tax Arrears

Falling behind on income tax can result in a lien against your house & high penalties. It can also hurt your credit score. Property taxes can jeopardize your existing mortgage standing & potential renewal. Second Mortgages allows homeowners access to the funds to pay off any tax arrears.


Other Reasons

Second mortgages are ideal for clients who want to start or expand their existing business, buy another property, pay for their kids’ tuition, help a friend/family member or need funds for any other purpose.

Borrow From Lending Circle

We actively work with mortgage investors to provide the lowest cost for 2nd mortgages.  Many clients get stuck with 2nd mortgages at the time of maturity. We plan ahead with our clients to ensure their goals are accomplished & appropriate refinancing is in place to pay off the 2nd mortgage.

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