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Debt Consolidation…

A Debt consolidation loan is when someone uses the Equity in their house to pay off the debts in full. There are many ways to access home equity: Home Equity Loan, Second Mortgage or Refinance of Existing Mortgages. If you are stuck in the cycle of making minimum monthly payments or struggling to lower your credit card balances, We can help!.


Reasons For Debt Consolidation

  • Save on high-interest Credit Cards
  • Avoid Collection Calls
  • Reduce your monthly expenses in half
  • Fixed & Affordable Payment
  • Eliminate Debt Completely
  • Improve Credit for better Mortgage options
  • Free up Cash-flow
  • Long Term Financial Success
  • Reduce Stress

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Are Home-Equity Loans Worth it?

Using the Equity to eliminate debt can be an ideal option for clients with limited income or for clients struggling to lower their debt balances. Making minimum payments towards debt can be difficult. Not only, it ties up all of your cash flow; you are unable to lower the balances. The rates on average credit cards are usually over 19.99%+. Also, Carrying high debt amounts hurts your credit score. Lending Circle helps clients pay off the debt using Home Equity Solutions. In some cases, it has freed up more than 50% of clients’ monthly cashflow that was tied up by several minimum payments.

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