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Home Equity Loans Approved

Borrow up to 80% of Your Home 

Lending Circle is a leading source of Capital for Home Equity Loans. We have helped homeowners access as much as 80%-85% of their home equity.  Are you a homeowner in need of cash? Has your bank declined to give you more money? Lending Circle offers Direct Capital at the most competitive rates for home equity loans.

Our firm belief is all Canadians should be able to access their hard earned home equity regardless of income or credit standing. We understand each client’s situation is unique & should be reviewed on its own merit.  Our expertise is in hard to place deals in Ontario. Lending Circle has direct access to immense Private capital that helps homeowners get approved within hours.

Consolidate Debt with Home Equity 


What Is A Home Equity Loan?

Home Equity loans is a process of borrowing money using the equity in a house. Lending Circle helps Canadian Homeowners maximize their equity with home equity loans. Our expertise in home equity lending allows us to quickly determine the most competitive solutions for our clients. It can be financed by institutions and Private Lenders. Although, institutional products such as HELOC require qualifying based on income and credit. Products offered by Private lenders are instead qualified based on equity in the property without income or credit requirements.


Borrow From Lending Circle

We actively work with mortgage investors to provide the lowest cost for Home Equity Loans.  Many clients get stuck with home equity loans at the time of maturity. We plan ahead with our clients to ensure their goals are accomplished & appropriate refinancing is in place to pay off the home equity loan

  1. Minimal Broker Fees
  2. Free Property Report
  3. Tailored loan terms for Each Client
  4. 24 Hour Approvals
  5. Direct Funding
  6. Transparent Process

Why Take a Home Equity Loan?

Debt Consolidation

Home Equity loan is a key solution for Homeowners who are trapped in a debt cycle. The interest rates on home equity loans are much lower than an average credit card.

Catch-Up Funds

Unforeseen expenses? Home equity loan can be arranged in a short time period to help catch up on expenses. With a Single Monthly Payment, it makes catching up seamless and affordable.

Mortgage Arrears

Have you fallen behind on mortgage payments? Home equity loan is a fast way to get cash in hand to pay the mortgage arrears & keep first mortgage in good standing.

Home Renovation

Do you need the cash to renovate your house? Home Equity loan is an ideal way to get cash you need to finish home renovation & increase the home value.


Looking to purchase a cottage or a rental property? or invest in business? Home equity loan can provide fast capital so you don't miss any opportunities.

Tax Arrears

Need funds to pay CRA or property tax arrears? Home equity loan can provide the cash needed to pay any income or property taxes.

Benefits of a Home Equity Loan

  • Stop Collection Calls
  • Renovate Your Home
  • Invest In Your Business
  • Pay Off A Consumer Proposal
  • Pay Mortgage Arrears
  • Purchase Investments
  • Pay for wedding expenses
  • Pay for education
  • Cover medical expenses
  • Pay CRA tax arrears
  • Pay property tax arrears
  • Take a family vacation
  • Purchase a car
  • Get out of high-interest loans
  • Invest In RRSP or RESP
  • Pay off payday loans
  • Pay Off Judgments, Garnishments
  • Cover your expenses
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What Our Clients Say

Dave Ahronson
Dave Ahronson
We had the most incredible experience working with Parm and his team. We had a lot of questions as we were very unfamiliar with the process involved in getting a 2nd mortgage. He guided us through with very few issues and succeeded in ensuring our financial goal came to fruition. I highly recommend them!
Heather Harriman
Heather Harriman
Excellant service .Prompt and very professional
Jessica L
Jessica L
Had an excellent experience with Parm at the Lending Circle. He made a world of difference and an easy transitional process during a difficult time in trying to manage financial hardship, and I will definitely reach out to him again in the near future to renew my mortgage!!! Thanks again 😊
Harmandeep Singh
Harmandeep Singh
It was great dealing with Parm and Lending Circle team. Anyone looking for a 2nd mortgage should definitely speak to them. They were able to help me with a second mortgage based on equity without any income requirements. They have lowered my monthly payment by helping me consolidate credit card debt. I highly recommend them for home equity loans especially if your income is low due to job loss or high amount of debt.
Amanda C
Amanda C
We were hit with an unexpected financial rough patch during COVID. We weren’t exactly sure what to do, but knew our regular bank wasn’t wanting to help us. One quick email to the Lending Circle resulted in an immediate response with options available to us. We worked with Parm, who quickly set us on the right path and answered all questions immediately. We feel comfortable and confident working with him knowing that we are in capable hands moving forward. I definitely suggest contacting the Lending Circle for any financial requests- they are quick, reliable, thorough, and personable.
Manno Manno
Manno Manno
Hello Everyone, I was in a total bind looking to get a home equity loan against my property here in Alberta. I approached Parm at Lending Circle for some guidance. He gave me options, even after I had some letdowns from a couple of lenders including the banks. Parm continued working tirelessly to find me a lender tailored to my needs. I eventually signed up and the loan was approved and the rest is history. One thing that stood out for me was his willingness to work with me even when I was getting a little frustrated. He was ALWAYS available to chat about updates and would never shy away from questions. Parm and his team at Lending Circle are by far one of the best , if not the best I have ever worked with in a difficult financing situation.
Tracey McKenzie
Tracey McKenzie
This is my second time using them and they were wonderful just like the first time. I would recommend them to anyone . They ae friendly , professional, and will help you in everyway to achieve the goal of getting a loan. Love these guys. I trust them. And I'm a single mother, so if you need help, let them help you. You won't regret it.
Karie Hamilton
Karie Hamilton
Parm was incredibly efficient and competent. He listened carefully to my needs and requirements and delivered! As I was fed up with a previous lender giving me the run around and changing numbers at whim, Lending Circle was transparent and made it and easy choice to move forward. I appreciate all your work and communication during a stressful time. Thank you!
Victoria Vaitkus
Victoria Vaitkus
Parm from Lending Circle was great through the whole mortgage renewal process. Very responsive, insightful and able to answer all my questions. Overall a great customer experience. Thanks.