Parm MehmiParm Mehmi is the founder & CEO of Lending Circle. He graduated from University of Windsor with a Bachelor of Arts. He is a travel enthusiast & has travelled the globe extensively to gain insightful experiences. Parm is deeply passionate about animal rights advocacy. His inspiration came from the unconditional love of his two large breed dogs. He frequently makes charitable donations to support animal welfare organizations throughout the world.

His desire to educate & help Canadians lead him to start Lending Circle, a mortgage brokerage licensed in Ontario, Alberta & Saskatchewan. The driving purpose behind Lending Circle has always been to help borrowers that have been declined by the banks.

Most people generally believe their relationship with bank will help them obtain mortgage financing. However, a small blemish on their credit report or a change in their income due to job loss can cause a rejection from the bank. 100% of our clients are borrowers who had complete faith in obtaining financing from the bank based on their personal relationship but were eventually faced with a rude awakening .

Parm manages Lending Circle with the firm belief that all Canadians deserve competitive mortgage products regardless of income & Credit standing. HIs team focuses on working with borrowers looking for home equity loans, 2nd mortgages & mortgage refinance with bruised credit or low income. They use their expertise to help these borrowers get approved & get their financial life back on track.

Our team utilizes Home Equity Solutions to help people get cash in hand. Most borrowers needs cash to consolidate debt, catch up on monthly bills & mortgage payments. Our team provides the quick funding to help borrowers get ahead of things. We have an extensive network of Lenders that specialize in approving mortgage loans for borrowers who don’t meet income or credit criteria of main banks.

We work with borrowers to create a long term strategy by improving cash flow & re-building their credit so they could eliminate the gap between where they are now & their ultimate financial destination.