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Private Mortgages

Security Registered as a Mortgage on title of the property
Rate of Return 7-8% on First Mortgages
10-12% on Second Mortgages
Terms 6-12 months
Collateral Residential Properties


  • Real Estate Market is an alternative to other volatile & non-asset based opportunities.
  • Private Mortgages provide a consistent rate of return during the term of the mortgage.
  • Interest is paid directly to the lender by the borrower. We do not administer mortgages.

Flow of Funds

  • 1


  • 2

    Lender’s lawyer

  • 3

    Borrower’s lawyer

  • 4


  • After all broker & legal due diligence is complete.
  • Lender transfers the funds to his lawyer’s trust account
  • Lender’s lawyer registers the mortgage on the property and releases the funds to Borrower’s lawyer’s trust account
  • Borrower’s lawyer transfers the funds to the borrower

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