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Private Mortgages

Security Registered as a Mortgage on title of the property
Rate of Return 7-8% on First Mortgages
10-12% on Second Mortgages
Terms 6-12 months
Collateral Residential Properties


  • Private Mortgages provide higher yield than traditional investments (Bonds or GICs). Real estate market can also provide an alternative to volatile stock market.
  • After determining risk tolerance for each investor, we provide suitable mortgage opportunities to choose from. Application, credit report, independent appraisal report is presented to the investor with any additional documents requested by the investor.
  • The investor’s name or their company’s name gets registered on title of the property. The interest is paid directly to investors by the borrower on monthly basis. We do not administer mortgages. If borrowers fails to pay on time or violates any terms listed in the Mortgage commitment, investor can exercise his right to commence power of sale/foreclosure proceeding to the protect their investment.

Flow of Funds

  • 1


  • 2

    Lender’s lawyer

  • 3

    Borrower’s lawyer

  • 4


  • After all broker & legal due diligence is complete.
  • Lender transfers the funds to his lawyer’s trust account
  • Lender’s lawyer registers the mortgage on the property and releases the funds to Borrower’s lawyer’s trust account
  • Borrower’s lawyer transfers the funds to the borrower

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